Friday, 7 December 2012

phcological Thrillers

A thriller is a genre which involves sub-genres that revolves around anticipation and suspense, the aim for thrillers is to keep the audience alert and on edge of their seats. Thrillers can be complex because there can be various genres involved in the thriller, there could be an action scene followed by an romantic scene.

 Common conventions of psychological thriller are mind games they are usual mental than physical, psychological themes such as reality, perception , mind ,existence/purpose , identify, death . also the central characters usually have a quiet personality who are mentally clever than saving someone with physical strength   

  A good psychological film gets the audience thinking throughout the film , leave them stressing usually the aim of a psychological thriller is to also make the audience feel like there involved in the thriller part of the film, moreover the central character will have to be unique they wont be a common strong hero who saves the day the central character could be the character the camera least focuses on psychological thriller are usually based on mental ability

Taken 2 is a mind grabbing action thriller